The process of drilling and finishing off metal watch plates is very much an automated one in the factories.You can see on a watch tour how with new machinery, the plates can be worked on overnight and ready to be taken for more work in the morning.   Read more

Please note that the watch factories close for an extended holiday (by Federal mandate) over the Summer. Although we cannot take visitors to see manufacturing in the region from the end of July for about three weeks we can still take enquiries and bookings for watch tours. Please complete a Contact form on our web […] Read more

Watch Cases The look of the wrist watch case (the part you see on top) is one of the most attractive parts of a watch and it doesn’t even move ! With these as an example the metal can be gold, steel, titanium etc What is of particular interest to the watch enthusiast is that […] Read more

Swiss Watch Tours is very excited about being recently featured in the International Watch Magazine with a great article on page 34 of the April Edition of the iW Magazine. Read more

[ featured-img ] One of the biggest decisions a watch enthusiast (or collector) has is which luxury watch to buy next ? Even those with unlimited funds can find it daunting when confronted with so many shiny examples of Swiss skills. Do I go complications, chronograph, chronometre, brand name, reputation, "Swiss made" or one of […] Read more

Vintage design has a value to it which mere costing of the retail price for new just doesn’t have the same cachet. Remember that after buying your used watch to have it serviced by an appointed dealer for that makeWhy? Because unless recently done any oil will mineralise and the gaskets can be impaired and […] Read more

After another successful year in 2014 Swiss Watch Tours is looking forward to an even better 2015. Swiss Watch Tours your only way to see the exclusive and famed Swiss watch makers factories and workshops in Switzerland. As a watch collector, enthusiast or just a curious tourist the Swiss Watch Tours exclusive access and local […] Read more

我们中国传入的土地运营商,北京与瑞士国家旅游局在中国的注册。 瑞士钟表之旅中文导游可协助您或您的公司在手表制造工厂的地区,他们被安排参观。 在纳沙泰尔,我们欢迎你的查询和将开发的个人关系,以帮助您与您的要求。 请通过电子邮件与我们联系。 谢谢。 Read more

Swiss watch tours organised a tour of two prestigious watch makers in the beautiful old town of Fleurier in March. They were treated to firstly a tour of Vaucher where the new and “high tech” facility demonstrates the advance in watch production methods.After, a tour of the older premises but the fascinating factory that is […] Read more

The innovative tour business provided access for visitors to watch makers in 2011 who appreciated the unique nature of the tourist enterprise. People can buy watches in shops but (rather like a new car buyer) never get to see where they are made. The enthusiast from outside Switzerland knows of the history of Swiss secret […] Read more