[ featured-img ] One of the biggest decisions a watch enthusiast (or collector) has is which luxury watch to buy next ? Even those with unlimited funds can find it daunting when confronted with so many shiny examples of Swiss skills. Do I go complications, chronograph, chronometre, brand name, reputation, "Swiss made" or one of […] Read more

Vintage design has a value to it which mere costing of the retail price for new just doesn’t have the same cachet. Remember that after buying your used watch to have it serviced by an appointed dealer for that makeWhy? Because unless recently done any oil will mineralise and the gaskets can be impaired and […] Read more

After another successful year in 2014 Swiss Watch Tours is looking forward to an even better 2015. Swiss Watch Tours your only way to see the exclusive and famed Swiss watch makers factories and workshops in Switzerland. As a watch collector, enthusiast or just a curious tourist the Swiss Watch Tours exclusive access and local […] Read more