With the City of Neuchatel sitting in the relative warmth of the valley, it’s a thrill to ascend to the usually white snowy watch City of La Chaux de Fonds. As you emerge from either the road or rail tunnel you are invariably greeted by the wonderful sight and geometric order that is the City and its surroundings.

Exclusive access to genuine watch factories – we will take you to see the whole process at authentic world famous manufacturers.

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11.03.21 – 14.03.21



  • Destination: Watch Vallee
  • Holiday Type: Exclusive Watch Tour
  • Season: Winter
  • Duration: three nights, two full days
  • Arrival Day: Thursday 6 March 2019


  • Leadership: M. Roy Slater Hill
  • Maximum Group Size: 15 people
  • Cost: 2019 – CHF 3150
  • Hotel: Hotel Beau Rivage – 5 Stars Swiss Hotel