NEUCHATEL (or to be precise the City of Neuchatel) is a medieval University city located in the heart of the Swiss watch making region. It nestles between the Lake of Neuchatel and the steep wooded hills behind which then become the Jura mountains. It enjoys a slow French cafe life style, has a market twice a week in the centre of the town where locals shop and often then stay on for morning coffee or a lazy lunch. If you want to slow down from a frenetic lifestyle elsewhere, this is the place to do it !

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MAP – You will find the City and Canton of Neuchatel in the North West of Switzerland and although it is not a large City it has excellent road, rail and airline connections. Travel is rather easy especially considering its relatively remote location away from the bustle of say Zurich or Geneva.

Come and join us soon on a watch tour. Time’s ticking away!


A5 Motorway Geneva-Lausanne-Yverdon-Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel-Monruz
A1 Motorway Zurich-Bern-Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel-Maladière exit, then head for your hotel in Neuchâtel.

GPS : 47°00’16”N / 6°57’52.89”E


  • From Basel: 1hr 27 minutes
  • From Bern: 41 minutes
  • From Geneva: 1hr 14 minutes
  • From Lausanne: 47 minutes
  • From Zurich: 1hr 30minutes
  • From Paris: 4hrs 5 minutes


  • Basle-Mulhouse Airport 1hr 30 minutes from Neuchâtel
  • Bern-Belp Airport 1hr from Neuchâtel
  • Geneva-Cointrin Airport 1hr 20minutes from Neuchâtel
  • Zurich-Kloten Airport 1hrs 40 minutes from Neuchâtel


Direct air connections


  • La Chaux-de-Fonds / Les Eplatures Aerodrome Neuchâtel
  • Colombier Aerodrome-grass strip

HELICOPTER CONNECTIONS FROM and TO airports – we can arrange for private executive helicopter flights, usually only to the Hotel Palafitte in Monruz, Neuchatel. Please contact us for details.